If you ever felt like Hostel just needed a robot in it, this short is for you.

August 12, 2015

In the alternate world of Weekend Utopian, everyone is Mike.

May 28, 2015

Dear Lucas has been making its rounds in sci-fi fests and recently featured in Film Shortage’s Short Pick.

A man meets the love of his life, only to receive an ominous message from his future self. It’s dreamy, but jam-packed with twists and turns. Ultimately, it forces the audience to confront their own insecurities with the future’s uncertainty.

May 19, 2015

Good shooting & script. Nice ending.

April 7, 2015

Australia, a hypothetical future… A young, unemployed artist applies for a seemingly innocent job, only to find the company offering it has found a bizarre way to get young unemployed people off the dole — for good.

April 5, 2015

TELE follows the life of a young man who is cursed with the power of teleportation.

April 4, 2015

A lone traveller suddenly finds herself on the run in this throwback music video with a stylish alien lead.

April 2, 2015

“We’ve all noticed that time seems to move faster as we grow older — but what if you could build a machine that slowed time to the point of imperceptibility? In Mark Slutsky’s gorgeous new film The Decelerators, a group of people manage to do just that — and the result is almost worthy of The Twilight Zone.”
— io9

January 30, 2015

Modern-day time-travel adventure of Sherwin, a best man who travels back in time after losing a wedding ring. Practical effects. Low budget. And, massive brain teaser.

December 31, 2014

PLATO’S REALITY MACHINE is a 79 minute Sci-Fi/Romantic Comedy starring Trieste Kelly Dunn and featuring an innovative video-game storyline.

“For Charles, video-games are a much-needed escape from reality. But when virtual vixen Sophia leads him on a mysterious quest that interweaves with the lives of five love-lorn New Yorkers, they will all learn that in the game of life, every heart is a moving target.”

Trieste Kelly Dunn (BANSHEE), Carolina Bartczak (BRICK MANSIONS).

Featuring an original score from Industrial music legend Raymond Watts (KMFDM).

Plato’s Reality Machine had it’s world premiere at the Oaxaca Film Festival in September 2013 and went on to an award winning international festival run, racking up two “Best Feature” wins. The film has been profiled in Backstage, IndieWire and C.H.U.D. It will be released on VOD nationwide on January 20th, and will have a special one-week limited theatrical engagement at the Arena Cinema in Hollywood beginning Friday, January 30th.

December 20, 2014

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