Vultures in the Void (short)

Watch it here.

Arvin writes:

A convoy escorting a Consortium freighter carrying precious cargo is ambushed in deep space. Turns out Consortium pilot SUNSET BISMARCK (Brooke Nevin) and space pirate LUCKY MIKE (David Franklin) are in on it together. It would’ve been so simple, if not for the arrival of two more cutthroats, DEADSPEED (Bai Ling) and her sidekick SPACE CLOWN (Tiny Lister). Now everyone wants their piece. With Consortium backup en route, who’s going to make off with the booty?

Starring Tommy “Tiny” Lister (The Fifth Element, The Dark Knight), David Franklin (Xena, The Matrix Reloaded), Brooke Nevin (Archie’s Final Project, Breakout Kings), Bai Ling (The Crow, Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow), and Raphael Sbarge (Independence Day, Once Upon a Time, Mass Effect).

Produced for 6,000 dollars (entirely self-funded), the short was shot in one day on a small green screen studio in March 2012 and took over two years to do the visual effects in After Effects and Cinema 4D. The look and tone of the film was heavily influenced by 1980’s science fiction like Blade Runner, anime like Macross, Gundam, and Akira, and video games like Mass Effect, Wing Commander, and Freespace.

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June 2, 2014